Noto Flatt’s

Due to the earthquake that occurred on January 1st, we are currently closed for business. All of us and our team staff evacuated safely and are in good health.
Thank you for your concern. The Flatt building is still standing, but due to damage to the foundation, walls, roof, septic tank, etc., it has become clear that it will be a long time before we can open for business. Therefore, all existing reservations will be cancelled. We will contacted you but it may take some time. Orders for Ishiri etc. are also currently suspended.

Currently, we are doing what we can, one day at a time, while helping with the redistribution of supplies that are being delivered to Yanami.
On the January 5th, at a time when we still didn’t know if the roads were passable. Mr Keito Nakamura, who plays for the French soccer team Anstad Reims in the French First Division, and Mark Sports of Yoshida-san provided us with many supplies, over 150 waterproof jackets, food, water, etc. Came to us. Since January 7th, the NPO MAKE HAPPY has been delivering supplies several times. I was really surprised at how carefully they listened to our requests and delivered them super quickly. I am impressed by the energy and action of the
Mr. Kagoshiman.

Thank you very much. In addition, I would like to thank everyone who is supporting us, including the people at the city hall who are working tirelessly, the firefighters, rescue services, and the Self-Defense Forces. And we can only thank everyone who welcomed us with a smile even during this difficult time. Although Flatts will not be able to operate as an inn for a while, we hope to continue to help connect Noto’s traditions, food culture, and the smiles of the towns and its people. We look forward to the day when we can welcome you again with our Noto-Italian cuisine. We are doing our best to reopen as fast as possible hopefully it will be faster than we are expecting but at the moment it’s look like about a year

We would be pleased if some of the people who enjoyed Flatts before this disaster who would like to support Flatts reconstruction and help us survive while we rebuild our Factivities so we can reopen and enjoy Flatts together again .
Any donations please go to this link acount

Your support will be used to cover the costs of resuming business, such as repairs to the flatts. We will also report any repairs etc. on this website.

We are also currently looking into ways we can do something to support the Ukawa district, which was the area most affected by the damage, and the Sannami district, where Chikako was born and lived her whole life

Ukawa area photo